Make my own social network
ayuda it will be appeared in heads and loggin page.

ayuda Address for access to your network in internet, it will be like xxx.poptuum.com, in lowcase without any '.'

ayuda Your social network's description. Theme, objectives... it will be show in loggin page
ayuda If you check this options, everybody will can access to your social network, if you don't check it, only you will can add new users
ayuda If you check this option users don´t need to be friends to see the wall and pictures of all network users
Social network's administrator
ayuda Your name in the social network

ayuda it'll be show near of the user name, you don´t need to fill it

ayuda A valid e-mail, it will be used for activate your account and receive the social network's comunications.

ayuda Access password, find a difficult one, so nobody won't can get control of your account